In case you missed it, Friday the 16th July was World Drag Day!

World Drag Day is dedicated to celebrating global drag talent. As a gender free brand - and also as a society - the drag community has played an integral part in our appreciation for the freedom makeup gives ALL of us, regardless of their gender, identity or expression. The drag world is the embodiment of our message - that #MakeupHasNoGender - and it's safe to say that the beauty world simply wouldn't be the same without the drag community!

This World Drag Day we were delighted to partner with James Mac, as seen on Season 2 of hit BBC show Glow Up. You might remember James for his iconic David Bowie look - or for any of his other incredible makeup moments which incorporated his lived experiences, Irish hometown and bold pops of colour and texture. Since the show, James has continued to find new ways to thrive and even featured in a recent Jean Paul Gaultier campaign.

We love James' talent and all that he stands for with his support for our community. Because of this, we knew there was no better creative to partner with for World Drag Day. Watch his Reels here!