Rhinestone & Glitter Galore: Euphoria revealed as most influential TV show on British beauty but how do you recreate it at home?


 With ‘normal’ life temporarily put on hold during the pandemic, we have all found ourselves turning to the likes of Netflix and social media to pass by the hours. So, with many of us glued to our TV screens we thought it would be interesting and fun to look at which TV looks have been inspiring British makeup wearers the most over the last couple of months.

Of every social media platform, with screen times skyrocketing Tiktok was the go-to for many to while away lockdown and came into its own as the new favourite platform for endless video scrolling to keep the quarantine boredom at bay. Because of this, it made sense for us to turn to the video platform for insight using its view data. 

The most watched makeup tutorial videos on TikTok are:

  1. Euphoria 517.1 million views 
  2. Eye makeup 302.4 million views
  3. Cosplay 203.2 million views
  4. Korean makeup 160.7 million views
  5. Boy makeup 152.4 million views
  6. Makeup remove 138.3 million views
  7. Sfx makeup 70.8 million views
  8. Egirl makeup 50.1 million views
  9. Halloween makeup 37 million views 
  10. Fast makeup 25.6 million views

Despite lockdown restrictions it was brilliant to see that people have been continuing to experiment, engage and wear makeup from the comfort of their own homes - the hashtag #MakeupTutorial has over 14 billion views on TikTok alone!

Unsurprisingly the Euphoria makeup tutorial is the most popular, but what about all of the other wonderful shows we’ve been binging the past 12 months?  We turned to the lever-growing world of makeup on social media once again, scoured our feeds, analysed TikTok, Instagram and YouTube content and search data to find and reveal to you the most popular TV Show makeup looks that Brits are recreating. 

The top ten TV looks inspiring makeup across social media are:

  1. Euphoria – Maddy’s Rhinestone Eye
  2. Bridgerton – Daphne’s Natural Glow 
  3. Euphoria – Rue’s Glitter Tears 
  4. The Queen’s Gambit – Beth’s 60’s Cat Eye Makeup
  5. Riverdale – Cheryl Blossoms Red Lip
  6. Sex Education – Maeve’s Smoky Eyeliner
  7. Euphoria – Jules’ Colourful Eyeshadow
  8. Emily in Paris – Emily’s Full Eyebrows
  9. Sex Education – Eric’s Fluorescent Neon Makeup
  10. RuPaul’s Drag Race – Ginny Lemon’s Colourful Eyebrows

From our research it was quickly apparent that American teen drama series, Euphoria, has influenced the world with its iconic and creative looks. Therefore, we are excited to share with you our own guide on how you can recreate your own Euphoria inspired makeup at home!

Marketing Manager, Maxine, shares with us how to recreate a look from Season 1, Episode 2 of Euphoria: Stuntin' Like My Daddy, seen on Maddy, which pairs a purple lid with a red liner and nude lipstick, with a simple, dewy base – in her step-by-step tutorial here: