Get Bimini's Look: Drag Makeup With Vegan Products!



 Hey everyone!

Today we're thrilled to share with you all about a recent livestream between Jecca Blac and Bimini Bon Boulash, who we're sure you'll know from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2!

In a livestream organised by LGBT+ student events company Native, guests were given a rare opportunity to virtually hang out with the Season 2 breakout star of Rupaul's Drag Race UK.

During the exclusive online event hosted by Bimini and our Marketing Manager, Maxine, students of University of Hertfordshire and University of Nottingham formed an online audience of Drag Race superfans, hearing the fullest of tea from Bimini their self! 

Pictured: Bimini Bon Boulash of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 and Jecca Blac's Marketing Manager, Maxine Heron. Scroll down further to read more!

We heard as Bimini answered questions straight from the audience, covering topics of Drag Race, tips and tricks for perfecting your drag, favourite venues and places to hang out at, and vegan beauty.

At Jecca Blac, we believe all makeup should be vegan and cruelty free! That's why we were thrilled when Bimini threw together a fabulous drag look incorporating so many of our products:

Blur & Matte Primer - ideal for blurring uneven skin texture, pores, and beard shadow - we built Blur & Matte as a go-to for drag artists and makeup wearers looking for the best Primer for a full coverage look!

Correct & Conceal Palette in shade Medium 2.0 - developed with makeup wearers in mind who seek coverage for beard shadow, our Correct & Conceal Palette is a simple and effective two step concealer solution for concealing beard shadow and providing an all over base! First, Bimini colour corrected their beard shadow using the peachy 'Colour Corrector' shade, and then followed with a 'Concealer' shade as an all over base. This Palette was our first ever product to launch, and won 'Best Concealer of 2020' at the Beauty Bible Awards last year!

Sculpt & Soften Palette - this cream contour palette comes with shade 'Soften' for highlighting and shade 'Sculpt' for contouring. Bimini shared that their trick for a fuller bottom lip is to add a touch of 'Sculpt' just below their lower lip line! If you're new to contouring, our Sculpt & Soften Palette also comes with a 34 page guide detailing how to find a contouring routine tailored to your features and desired result.

Long Lasting Lipstick in shade Life On The Rainbow - our staple red long lasting lipstick has a creamy texture and matte finish - perfect for a night long performance or drag event due to its staying power!

Play Pots - our cream based range of pigments were created for the eyes, cheeks AND lips. Bimini applied shade Purple Iridescent to their eyelids, shade Pink Pearl over their red lipstick, shade Gold Touch as a highlight and Red Touch as a blush.

Glow Drops Primer in shade Champagne - to finish off this look, Bimini added a pop of our bold, gold, shimmery highlighting Primer which can be applied as a highlight when completing a beauty look!


A huge thank you to Native Events for organising, and for Bimini for being such an amazing co host for this event! We wish them the absolute best of luck with the rest of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 - long may their success as a drag artist and performer continue!