How To Use Sculpt & Soften Palette (Contouring)

Today we’re focusing in on the ‘Sculpt’ shade of our Sculpt and Soften Palette and how to use this  specifically to apply shadow and bronze the face. 

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Sculpt, Bronze, Transform.

 To create the perfect bronzed glow, try looking into a mirror whilst standing directly under a light.  The light will help you pick out where a natural shadow appears on your face. Work to enhance that shadow using the ‘sculpt’ shade. These areas typically include…

 Under your cheekbones. Use a small angled brush to take the product from the ear, following under your cheekbone, until you’re in line with the end of your eyebrow if you hold your brush up vertically. And blend. (Tip – To enhance the fullness of the cheek for a more feminine look, apply a curved flick with the product around the plump apple of your cheek and blend.)

 Your nose. Using a clean small angled brush, take the product from just under the inside of your eyebrow down your nose to the nostril on both sides. This also works to slim the nose by making it appear slender and longer. (Tip – If you want to shorten the nose, use a small amount of the product on the bottom half of the nose only and across the end. To create a u shape. This works to define the tip, making it appear shorter.)

 Your jawline and hairline. Using a large soft brush wash the sculpt shade over the areas of your face you would natural tan to finish the look. Into the hairline, on the temples and under the jawline to soften the edges of the face. Use a small amount of product as you don’t want to end up with a harsh brown line outlining your face.

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Sculpting now or later?

 Our skin-like formula is easy to manipulate and glides on for subtle, natural enhancement day to day, or can be layered for night-time drama. This product is built for layering,  so always start off light and build a darker shade by applying another layer, as it’s much easier to do than spend hours trying to blend out harsh lines.

It doesn’t matter when you want to apply it, you can apply under foundation, after foundation or instead of. If you want a more intense look we recommend sculpting after applying your foundation. But be sure to never use after applying a powder as it is a cream product.

 For best results use a sponge beauty blender or large soft make-up brush and dab to work the product into the skin. This way, if your using both products, you avoid blending the ‘Sculpt’ and ‘Soften’ shades together and reducing the two-tone defining effect.


Getting it right

 We had the pleasure of working with Joseph Harwood to bring you this palette and its amazing guidebook! Here’s some tips to getting it right from Jessica and Joseph…

 Take photos of yourself with the flip side of your camera. Sounds a bit weird, we know, but it’s  a good way of testing to see what your make-up looks like to other people. You can easily see if you’ve gone too light or dark on one side.

 Go outside! Test yourself in the daylight to make sure your fully blended. Artificial lights have all sorts of filters, tints and glares which might make your make-up look blended under a darker light but when you go outside into the real world you’ll find dreaded unblended lines.

 Try the product as an eyeshadow for a natural no make-up look. When I’m feeling super lazy i use my ring finger to smudge a small amount of the product gently over my eye-lids. I blend several times with my finger to darken my lids for an on the go no eyeshadow look.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed our sculpting spotlight! Whether your goal is feminine features or cut lines, anything is possible with Sculpt & Soften palette. Refer to our guidebook in the palette for more details!

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