Danny Defreitas X Jecca Blac Interview

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 We were super excited to have the opportunity to speak to Danny Defreitas about his amazing journey as one of the top makeup influencers. Danny is known for his amazing makeup skills and big smile!

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How did you start as an influencer?

Danny:  It all happened very organically to be honest. I was working as a session Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist at the time, found myself with a full kit and wanted to share what my favourite products were. What really blew up for me was doing skincare videos back when no one else was really doing videos, you only had a max of 15 seconds! 

Did you/Do you face any unique challenges because you are male? If so, what were they and how do you overcome them?

Danny:I’ve always worked in predominantly female industries such as hair styling and makeup. I was the only Male at my beauty school but I never saw this as a limitation as such. I would say the hardest challenge is when people online still think makeup is only for women, my message is that beauty and makeup if for everyone. Male or female, young or mature. Makeup is and should be genderless and ageless.  

How have you seen the beauty industry change for the LGBTQ+ community?

Danny:Growing up I never had public figures who I could relate to. The only men wearing make up were drag or theatrical extremes. 
Things are definitely changing with movements to include diversity and individuality. It’s so great to see that social media has brought inclusivity, acceptance and awareness to the forefront. It’s helped to build communities of diversity and allowed people to create new role models. 

What do you look for in brands when deciding which ones to support?

Danny:Their message, if it aligns with mine, are they aware of their customers and do they have a good online image, reputation and great branding. It’s amazing to work with brands that I already organically use, I am always open to working with all brands across beauty, lifestyle and the fashion industries, big or small. 

What tips do you have for up-and-coming influencers?

Danny:The number one tip I always tell people is consistency and also that you don’t just grow a following overnight. You have to be patient. It takes time and hard work.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that is not covered above?

Danny:It’s always really important to be true to yourself and the person you are putting forward online. By being your true self your able to connect with like minded people who can relate to you.
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