How to Cover Beard Shadow

When she first started giving makeup lessons to transgender women, founder Jessica Blackler noticed the lack of a product made to cover beard shadow. That’s why she decided to make the Correct & Conceal the first Jecca Blac product to launch. Thanks to its variety of shades and creamy texture, the Correct & Conceal is perfect to cover beard shadow without leaving any trace. But let’s see how it works.

Tutorial On How To Apply


Step 1. Prep Your Skin

It’s important you prep your skin before applying the Correct & Conceal palette. Our Blur & Matte Primer covers texture of beard shadow and primes the skin for makeup. 

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Choose the Right Shade for You

The Correct & Conceal palette comes in 6 different shades, each of them featuring a Colour Corrector and Concealer. To find the best shade for you, simply reach out to our team. All you need to do is sending us a picture of your skin under direct sunlight and we'll tell you what shade will suit you best!



Arm Yourself with a Makeup Brush

Although our Correct & Conceal palette can be applied using your fingers, we recommend arming yourself with the right makeup tools when covering a larger area. A round foundation brush will be perfect to cover your beard shadow.

Apply The Colour Correct

Apply the Colour Correct shade first: its pink/peachy undertone will counteract the blue-ish tinge left behind after shaving.

With a round foundation brush, apply a small amount of Colour Correct to the area and blend well. Keep doing this until your beard shadow starts fading, leaving almost a neutral tone in its place.

Apply The Concealer

After the Colour Correct, it’s time to apply the Concealer. You can use the same makeup brush or a clean one if you prefer. As before, apply a little bit of product at a time and blend well before adding more. You want your beard shadow area to blend perfectly with the rest of your face.

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