5 Top Makeup Tips for Trans Women

When approaching makeup for the first time, it can be very overwhelming to figure it all out. There are a lot of products out there and in the beginning, you may not know the best use for any of them. That’s why we created a list of our 5 top makeup tips for trans women, including how to soften your features and conceal beard shadow!

1. Brighten Your Eyes

The first thing you want to do is make your eyes pop. In our society, the eyes are one of the key elements of what makes a face look more feminine. Our attention is naturally drawn to the eyes when we meet someone for the first time. But before applying eyelash extensions and colourful eyeshadows, you can brighten your eyes using a concealer.

Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal Palette is the perfect too to brighten your eyes. If you have undereye darkness, apply the Colour Correct to even the tone. Then, apply the Concealer to blend the area with the rest of your skin.

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Extra tip: apply some of the Concealer under your eyebrow, defining the arch. It will give your eyes more brightness.

2. Conceal Your Beard Shadow

Tutorial On Cover Beard Shadow

You can also use the Correct & Conceal Palette to cover your beard shadows. The pink/peach tone of the Colour Correct is perfect to counteract the blue-ish left after shaving. You can either use your fingers or a soft makeup brush to apply the Colour Correct over the whole area. Start with a small amount and blend really well, before adding more product. Continue doing this until you get the result you want.

After the Colour Correct, remember to apply the Concealer to even out the area with the rest of your skin.

3. Play with Shadows

An amazing trick to feminize your face is to play with shadows. You can create any look with the right contouring technique, even change your natural features. Jecca Blac’s Sculpt & Soften Palette features a 34-page guide detailing different ways of applying the product to achieve different look.

A basic tip is applying the darker shade of the palette to create the illusion of higher cheekbones. Instead of following your natural lines, trace a new one from the end of your ear to the edge of your mouth, adding a little flick upwards at the end.

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4. Soften Your Lines

Watch Contouring Tutorials

Softening your lines is an important step if you want to feminize your face with makeup. Once again, Jecca Blac has created the perfect product to do just that. Our Sculpt & Soften Palette is ideal to create any type of contouring, including a softer look.

With a small fluffy makeup brush, apply the lighter shade in the Sculpt & Soften on all the areas where the sun naturally hits your face (your nose bridge, your forehead, over your cheekbones). Use this shade to soften any harsh line left over by the shadows you previously created with the darker shade.

5. Define Your Lips

If you would like to create more define, plumper lips, you can once again use the Sculpt & Soften. With a small, lip makeup brush use the lighter shade to overdraw your lips. Don’t exaggerate if you want a natural look.

Choose one of our Long Lasting Lipstick to finish the look!