How to Apply Concealer

How to Apply Concealer

There are different ways to apply concealer depending on the result you want and the area you are covering. Thanks to its creamy formula, Jecca Blac’s Correct & Concealer palette is perfect for both a lighter and heavier look. And you don't need a makeup brush to achieve the result you want — your hands are just enough! But let’s look at some common questions on how to apply concealer.




Do you apply concealer before or after foundation?

This is likely the most recurring question on how to apply concealer. We suggest applying concealer before foundation, as a first covering layer. In the case of the Correct & Conceal palette, each shade is designed to complement different colours of your skin. If you were to apply foundation first, the result would be different.

Once you've applied the concealer, you can decide whether or not you need more coverage with the help of some foundation.

What is the best way to apply concealer?

Depending on the coverage you want, you can apply concealer with your fingers or with a fluffy makeup brush.

If applying concealer with your fingers, take some of the Concealer shade from Jecca Blac’s palette and lightly dab it on the interested area. Remember that the Concealer shade is meant to complement blue areas (beard shadow, under-eye darkness, tattoos), creating an even tone.

 Using your fingers will give you a lighter, more natural coverage. Keep applying the product until you get the result you want. Apply the Colour Corrector on top and blend well with the rest of your skin.

Pick The Right Shade 

Apply concealer with a makeup brush if the area you’re covering is larger. The method is the same: start with a little bit of Concealer until you get the effect you desire. You can use the same fluffy brush to apply the Colour Corrector on top.

If you’re going for a heavier correction, we recommend using a makeup brush. The brush is ideal to build up the product until you get the coverage you want.

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