Correct & Conceal Palette

Our best selling Correct & Conceal Palette is the only product you'll need to cover beard shadow, under eye darkness or all over base. 

‘Colour correcting’ has become a bit of a buzz word and seems like it might just be another step to add to our already long morning routines, but here’s why we think it’s an important step that might just shorten your routine!

How does it work?

It seems complicated but you don’t need to be an artist, you just need to look at the colour wheel. The colours that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel (green and red, purple and yellow, etc.) are able to cancel one another out, effectively hiding unwanted shades like redness, dark spots and bluish beard shadow.

You might find that your concealer or foundation just isn’t covering your discoloration. Yes, colour correcting is an additional step, but you’ll find that you use less product to cover these stubborn areas and consequently spend less time trying.

That’s exactly why we created our Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal palette. We developed the palette with our customers in mind from the feedback and questions we’d been asked. Our palette has been specifically designed to cover even the darkest of beard shadows and skin flaws.

What is Correct & Conceal best for?

1. Disguising dark circles
Sleepless night or just feeling drained? We’ve all been there. And we’ve all had those dark undereye circles to prove it. Since dark circles tend to have a bluish tint, the peachy pigment within our corrector palette works to counteract this and temporarily hide their appearance.

2. Covering beard shadow
One of the most common challenges we hear from our customers is how to hide that pesky beard shadow. You’ll immediately be tempted to use the heaviest concealer possible to cover it but that’s actually the worst thing you can do. A heavy, cakey look will draw more attention to the area you want to hide. Again, try neutralizing the bluish tint to achieve a natural look with way less makeup. For best results, our ‘light’ palette with a peachy colour corrector will work best on fair skin tone and our ‘medium’ palette’ with a darker pink colour corrector works best for a darker skin tone.

Can I use it for anything else?

Colour correcting can counteract a number of skin sins. Just a few of our most commonly noted ones are noted above. But while not everyone suffers from discoloring (you lucky people), everyone can benefit from adding a corrector to their makeup bag.

3. A highlighter
The peachy tone in our corrector can do wonders to brighten your skin, much like a highlighter. Skin can look dull from time to time, especially after a lack of vitamin D. In this instance stick to shades like light peach or violet. Use them under your foundation to brighten areas of the skin and to balance out yellow and uneven skin tones. Apply to the center of the face, around the eyes and even down the center of the chin, like you would with your normal highlighter.

4. A foundation substitute
The Correct & Conceal palette is great for those of us who don’t have time or just don’t want to wear full make up day to day. Use the lighter colour under eyes, and the darker colour as a contour to apply under cheek bones for that finely sculptured look.