Why Discreet Packaging Matters!

Hey Everyone!

Today we want to take a moment to explain why all of our orders are delivered with discreet packaging.

Every order placed on our website is delivered with discreet packaging. This means every Jecca Blac order is plain on the outside, and filled with goodness on the inside - and a little message from us, as demonstrated in the Instagram Reels video below!

We know makeup is something that's sacred to every makeup wearer - and for many of us, discretion is needed as our circumstances might not make it as easy for the world to know we've ordered beauty products to our door. 

Whatever your stage of your makeup journey, we've got you covered. With each box, you'll notice a little 'Hello!' and at the bottom of the box, our mantra: 'MAKEUP HAS NO GENDER'

What do you think of our packaging?