What Is a Contour Palette Used For

Contouring is a makeup technique to define and mould the lines of your face. Thanks to a clever play on shadows and lighter areas, you can modify your natural bone structure giving your face a more feminine or harsher look. Founder Jessica and makeup artist Joseph created Jecca Blac’s Sculpt & Soften palette to make it easy for everyone to achieve the look they wanted.

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But what is a contour palette used for exactly? Here are two ways you can use the Sculpt & Soften to define your face.

Soften Your Face

If your goal is to feminise your face, enhancing your cheekbones and creating a gentler jawline, here are the steps to follow:

1. Apply the lighter shade first. Using a small, soft brush, apply the product above the cheekbone, down the sides and on the bridge of the nose, on the middle of the forehead and finally bring it from the ear down to above the jawline, creating a flick at the end.

2. With the same brush, apply the darker shade. Create a line from the inner end of the eyebrows down to the side of the nose. Apply the product also around the chin, the temples and along your cheekbones.

3. With a soft, large fluffy brush blend the lighter shade first into your skin. Then, with a smaller soft brush blend the darker shade. Be careful not to blend the two colours together.

4. Use a loose powder to fix the contouring.

Cut Lines And Create a Harsher Contrast

To cut lines and create a more masculine contouring, you can follow these steps:

1. Starting with the darker shade, use a small angled brush. Define the area around your forehead, on each side of your nose and under your jawline. Instead of following the natural line of your cheekbones, use the product to create a line starting from your ear to just below your mouth. Finally, use the brush to define your chin by bringing the product on each side.

2. Blend the product into the skin before the next step.

3. Now, use a fluffy brush to apply the lighter shade. You want to create a harsher line, making the shadows you’ve just created on your face more defined. Blend the product into your skin.

4. You can go back with some of the darker shade if you’re not happy with the result, making sure you don’t go over the lighter shade

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