Top Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

There is a misconception out there that if you don’t have mature skin yourself, you’re not the one who should issue advice. Jecca Blac’s founder Jessica Blackler has encountered many people telling her she couldn’t possibly know how to help mature skin with her being a young woman. Well, nothing could be more wrong. The majority of our clients are older transgender women and Jessica is very familiar with dealing with wrinkles and heavy eyelids, the most common struggle of mature skin. 

So, we decided to share our top makeup tips for mature skin — straight from our founder! 

  • Always Stick to Cream Products
  • The most important tip is to always stick to cream products. You may think powders would give you more coverage, hence hiding your imperfections better. Instead, not only cream products can be as covering, but powders will also define any wrinkle or age sign even more.

    Cream products like Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal Palette are perfect for mature skin. Because of its texture, cream makeup products blend better into the skin and are easier to work with. However, avoid layering a ton of product, as it will look heavy and make your skin look cakey. 



  • Aim for Dewy, Natural-Looking Products
  • To avoid heavy looks, aim for dewy, natural-looking products. This means using makeup with a glowy finish, something that will naturally highlight your face.

    What it doesn’t mean is you should only use neutral shades. Don’t be afraid to play with colours if that’s what you like! Just make sure they make your features look brighter and not too heavy. 

  • Blush Is Your Best Friend
  • Never skip the blush. A nice, cream coloured blush is perfect to give your cheeks a healthy and natural look. But it’s not just for cheeks — apply a small amount of blush on your nose bridge as well for some extra glow! 

    You can pair the blush with a bronzer, if you would like. However, we recommend a natural shade, as it’s easy to overdo it and the heavy look you should stay away from. With a big, fluffy makeup brush apply just a little bit of product along your cheekbone and temples. You can also quickly brush it over your eye crease for a natural eyeshadow. 



  • Avoid Matte Finishes
  • If you take away anything from our advice, it should be avoiding matt finishes at all costs. Whether it is your blush, cream, or bronzer, a matt finish would make your skin look dull and draw attention to wrinkles. 

    Even when it comes to eyeshadows, choose a creamy product that will leave you with a dewy finish. A matt eyeshadow will look flat and define the crease too much. Try our Play Pots, for a super blendable product with a creamy consistency. It suits all ages, and all skin types!

    For more makeup tips and tutorials on how to use our products, visit Jecca Blac and Jecca Blac’s Blog!