How To Use A Cream Contour Palette

Contouring can seem hard at first, especially with so many different techniques out there!

Our Sculpt & Soften Palette was designed to make it as easy as possible, even for beginners. Thanks to its 34-page guide, you can find out how to build a contouring regime tailored specifically to your face, and your desired results.

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How to Use A Cream Contour Palette

Overwhelmed by all the contouring videos out there? Don’t be scared! Jecca Blac’s Sculpt & Soften Palette is very easy to use and it includes a 34-page guide on different techniques to contour your face. Today, we’re going to share the basic rules around contouring and how you can use our cream contour palette.

The Sculpt & Soften Palette has a creamy texture which makes it easy to work with and perfect for beginners! It comes in 3 different shades (Light, Medium and Dark), all intended to compliment your skin with a flawless finish. Whether you’re contouring to feminize or to define the angles of your face, our Sculpt & Soften has been developed with ALL makeup wearers in mind.

Creating Shadows

First, let’s discuss how to use Jecca Blac’s Sculpt & Soften Palette to create shadows. For this, you will only need the darker shade in the palette, Sculpt. If you stand underneath direct sunlight with a mirror, you will notice how the sun hits your face differently depending on your natural bone structure. Take note of this before starting your contouring.

With the help of a soft makeup brush, apply a small amount of shade Sculpt underneath your cheekbones, jawline and either side of your nose. You can also apply it on the side of your temples if you want to make your forehead look smaller. Blend the product well into your skin and only add more if you think it necessary.

You can change the shadows you’re creating depending on the result you want. You can follow our video tutorial for more ideas!

Creating Light

Now it’s time to apply the lighter shade of the Sculpt & Soften. Remember when you took note of where the sun naturally hit your face? That’s where you need to apply the shade Soften!

You can use the same brush (remember to wipe any leftover product first!) to create light where you need it — this can be your cheekbone, the bridge of your nose, and underneath the arch of your eyebrow. You can also use the shade to get rid of any harsh lines left from the previous step. Simply apply the product on either side of the darker shade and blend it well.

Again, don’t use too much product at once! Start with a little bit and only add more if you really need it.

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