Achieve a Chest Contour in 3 Easy Steps!

Achieving a chest contour, made simple by @blondeknights on Instagram!

Watch this super cute and easy to follow video as Alex takes us through a simple chest contour in 3 quick steps, using all Jecca Blac products -  all you'll need is a Sculpt & Soften Palette and a touch of our Glow Drops Primer

1) Outline the top of your bust with the 'Sculpt' part of our Sculpt & Soften Palette, which comes in a blendable creamy formula and is perfect for a skin-like finish. Blend it out with a beauty sponge. Alex is using shade 'Medium'.

2) Highlight the front of your chest with 'Soften' from our Sculpt & Soften Palette. Apply a touch of 'Soften' in a V shape between the arches created with 'Sculpt' in step 1. Blend out with a beauty sponge!


3) Apply a couple of Glow Drops to the front of the bust for an extra eye catching effect, adding further dimension - look at that shimmer!

 Enjoy your new boob contour!